Offering the best in quality and service since 1972.
About us?

Depoquim has been rendering services to the industrial and agricultural sectors since 1972

Depoquim C.A. is a commercial warehouse operator founded in 1972. We are specialists in the warehousing and distribution of both chemical and agro-industrial products (in containers or in bulk). Our long history has taught us the many lessons necessary to become the most experienced warehouse operators in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela. We continually strive to improve and offer the most efficient and reliable service to our many customers.

Our installations are maintained to the highest standards; our administrative team has extensive experience; our regulatory team is expedient with the procurement of legal permits; and our warehouse staff is trained to the highest standards. Additionally, we’re a ‘bonded’ warehouse, allowing end-use customers to pay import duties only when they remove their merchandise from our installations.


Provide comprehensive logistics and bulk storage solutions for the chemical and agro-industrial sectors; to promptly meet the needs of our customers with the aid of our qualified personnel; to operate in a safe working environment; to provide well-being to all employees, shareholders, and stakeholders.


To be an essential ally of the Venezuelan chemical and agro-industrial sectors; to be the market leader providing logistics and storage solutions of bulk raw material.

We are Depoquim, C.A.

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We have the necessary machinery to:

Receive bulk product.

Unload containers up to 40 feet.

DEPOQUIM's storage capacity is as follows:

Up to 80,000MT of bulk product.

Up to 6,000 MT in Big-Bags

A vertical silo with capacity of up to 2,000 MT

We have a specialized machinery for the mixing and bagging of bulk products. We can mix and bag up to 800 MT per day, either in Big-Bags, 50 kg or 25 kg sacks.

Throughout our 50 years these have been some of the products that we have stored:

We are an "In-bond" warehouse, where we can receive your merchandise while it is in the nationalization process.




Av. Las Industrias, Sector La Belisa, Puerto Cabello. Edo. Carabobo. Venezuela


Telephone: +58-414-3376784

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